Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our JTAG'd Xbox 360

Well, after some soldering, and some elbow grease IVIUPPET and I have successfully JTag'd his old Xbox 360. Below is a picture of the Xbox (Nice and Dirty) with the wires all over the place. If you can see it, above, projected on the wall is XEXloader.

Here's a couple (crappy) campaign pics..I'll be uploading more later: (Click Read More)


Halo Reach

Couple days ago, Halo reach was leaked over Xbox Live. To play the game, need a Developers console, or a JTAG'd (Console with Hardware and Software modification to allow unsigned code to be run) console to run it. Luckily, IVIUPPET and I had an old xbox laying around so we got to take a look (Video may be posted at some time).

The file has since been removed from LIVE.

(Picture is not ours, Credit:

You can our Jtag'd xbox here, and some of the video's that we made along the way. Read more...