Xbox 360 ISO TOOLS:

ABGX 360 -Here [Stealth Patches Xbox 360 ISOs]
IMGBurn - Here [Burns ISOs to disks (can be used for Xbox Games)]
WxRipper - Here [Rips Existing copies of Xbox 360 games and saves to .ISO format]

Flashing Tools: 
JungleFlasher - Here [Flashes Xbox 360 DVD drives to allow backups to play]

 Computer Downloads: 
Image Grabber II - Here [Screencaps videos at random places to create an image preview of the video]
VMWare Player - Here [Allows desktop virtualization (Virtual Machine) for a variety of OS's. ]
Synergy - Here [Allows a user to use 1 mouse on 2 separate computers]

I will add more (including programs not used in tutorials) later.